The History Behind Lucky Player Vodka®

Mr. M. – Creator and President of Lucky Player Brand Vodkas

This simply exceptional® vodka was founded by Mr. M, a successful business entrepreneur with a particular passion for the better things in life.

After being disappointed with the selection of ultra-premium vodkas that are offered  as smooth, often distilled many times and mainly in an array of boring bottles, it occurred to him “There should be better quality and more exciting vodka with better packaging”. He then spent time jetting around the world, with one mission, to create the best quality ultra-premium vodka possible.

He hired top experts from the spirits industry and looked for the best processes. He quickly realized that the most important factors in order to achieve quality are the base ingredients. The highest quality grain was found to be French winter wheat and one of the best sources of water in the world, France. He also thought that some vodka’s do not meet the ultra-premium standard because they use inferior ingredients, making the many times distilled factor irrelevant. Well, after finding the best ingredients it was time to look at the distillation process and the filtration methods. It also took a very special Ultra-High quality filtration system that incorporates the use of impeccable stainless steel column stills and running the liquid through multiple times to ensure ultra-smooth vodka. The naturally sourced French water gives that distinctive crispness to the Vodka. So the process began, the bottle and design were as important and it took many prototypes to come up with the exciting bottle. The choice was a high grade glass and the perfection for details like the 777 embossing on the front along with genuine French cork bottle stoppers. Utilizing one of the world’s finest French distilling plants in Cognac France, Lucky Player’s journey continued, producing amazing ultra-premium vodka along with its luxury label “Fleur de Lis Vodka”, an even smoother upscale sipping quality Vodka.

Mr. M hopes that you enjoy the smooth, crisp taste and feel of his creations. Like him he is sure it will make you feel like a Lucky Player.